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Putting Creators First

At Authentic.Art we put creators at the center of everything we do. We're partnering with innovative creatives to provide data management and blockchain integration to their creations. 


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Vivid Memory Studios imagine and create hybrid music immersion formats in collaboration with music artists to develop and create interactive story-driven experiences. They are a team of creators, technologists and producers passionate about music and innovation in art and entertainment. Music is at the center stage of all projects.

Vivid Memory Studios collaborated with Authentic.Art to create NFTs of an immersive experience offered during the annual bal of the Montreal Contemporary Art Museum Foundation.

The Project:
Deep Hertz

A unique experience

from Vivid Memory Studios

Montreal 2022

Deep Hertz

Deep Hertz Collection

Explore the evolution process

The collaboration with VMS comes with different NFT's for each of the stages along with their exclusive rights

In partnership with Vivid Memory Studios, Authentic.Art invites you to contribute to the innovation of experiential art formats.

The uniqueness and traceability of each NFT are ensured by blockchain technology. The future owner of the work can exchange it, resell it or integrate it into his personal collection.

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