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Our Story

A better way to manage art & collectibles

We're a team that recognized that the market for art & collectibles has a fundamental flaw: the market and its players work in silos.

We understand that an efficient market requires trust, interconnectivity and information availability. Our talented team is not just bridging this gap, but it's also making managing these assets more intuitive, secure, and with privacy at its core.

Our Mission

To transform how art & collectibles are managed, insured, and appraised. Everything we do must ensure privacy, efficiency, security and ease of use.

Empowering the Market

Art & Collectibles Management in the Digital Age
Pioneering Art & Collectibles Management in the Digital Age

Authentic Art is modernizing the complex world of art with simple, streamlined, innovative solutions.

transform data as digital asset
Transforming Data into a Digital Asset

We're reshaping art data management, using cutting-edge technology to turn fragmented art data into clear and valuable insights.

build community
Art is essential to build our communities

We’re safeguarding the timeless legacy of artists and preserving the authenticity of every artwork through our digital registry.

Future of Art with Technology.

We're shaping the future of art itself by embracing technology and innovative solutions. We're redefining the art market by making it accessible and secure for all stakeholders.

trust and transparency
Trust and Transparency

Trust and transparency are paramount to us. In an industry often criticized for its opacity, we're building trust across the art community.

art ecosytem
Enriching the Art Ecosystem Digitally

We’re enriching the art ecosystem by bridging the gap between traditional and digital art. We're allowing artists to expand their reach, insurers to streamline their operations, collectors to protect their assets in the digital age, and more.


Let's Collaborate

Seize the opportunity to reshape your art data strategy and immerse yourself in the future of art management.

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