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art gallery space - Art data management

The Future of Art Data Management

Discover what the Authentic Art digital registry can do! 

Digital art preservation

Experience Art in
a New Dimension

Unveil a World of Digital Creativity

We want the art world to flourish.
Our approach to data management embodies our values. Our services are designed with those values at the forefront.

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Pioneering Art Insurance in the Digital Age

Authentic Art is modernizing the complex world of art insurance with simple, streamlined, innovative solutions.

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Transforming Data into a Digital Asset

We're reshaping art data management, using cutting-edge technology to turn fragmented art data into clear, controllable assets.

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Art is essential to build our communities

We’re safeguarding the timeless legacy of artists and preserving the authenticity of every artwork through our digital registry.

Future of Art with Technology.

We're shaping the future of art itself by embracing blockchain technology and innovative solutions. We're redefining the art market by making it accessible and secure for all stakeholders.

Trust and Transparency

Trust and transparency are paramount to us. In an industry often criticized for its opacity, we're building trust across the art community.

Enriching the Art Ecosystem Digitally

We’re enriching the art ecosystem by bridging the gap between traditional and digital art. We're allowing artists to expand their reach, insurers to streamline their operations, and collectors to protect their assets in the digital age.

Innovative service

We build products powered by our digital registry

Art Insurance

Drive cost savings by digitizing the workflow for Insurers, Insurance Brokers, Art Collectors.

Digital Certificates

Increase protection of physical assets and digital art through a digital certificate of ownership.


Art insurance management

Save time and automate your tasks!

Our platform, iamART, is offered exclusively to insurance brokers. Reduce the time spent managing collection insurance policies by granting an iamART access to your clients.


This platform is especially designed to save you time and guarantee more reliable information. 


archiv vr collaboration

Digital Art Protection: Our Partnership with Archiv VR

Authentic Art partnered with Archiv VR to present the future of digital art. Together, we propose an immersive visit of artworks in Archiv VR’s Virtual Gallery, with copyright, attribution and transactions protected by Authentic Art’s system.

Archiv VR’s gallery offers immersive and desktop viewing of digital originals and digital twins, making it possible for artworks to travel the world in a second.

Privacy by Design


We are creating a digital registry that preserves confidentiality

We set strict data sovereignty rules, ensuring that the owner of the artwork and their associated rights keeps control over the data and shares them only with their permission. 


We built a unique legal framework that links the ownership of the physical artwork to the corresponding digital asset, protecting the rightful owner of an artwork and allowing for increased security.

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Let's Collaborate

Seize the opportunity to reshape your art data strategy and immerse yourself in the future of art management.

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