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art gallery space - Art data management
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Art & Collectibles:
Simple. Secure. Connected.

A better way of managing, insuring, and appraising collections with unparalleled privacy, efficiency, and ease of use.

Innovative service

We build products to connect and simplify the world of art & collectibles

iamart Platform

The future of asset management for collectors, insurers, brokers, appraisers, wealth managers, and estate planners. 

Digital Certificates

Increase protection of physical assets and digital art through a digital certificate.

What we do

iamart Platform

Your Copilot for Art & Collectibles

Turn your collection into a well-documented and easily manageable asset.

Simplify tedious tasks such as appraisal processes, financial reporting, secure information exchange or insurance policy reporting.

We've designed iamart to save you time and guarantee more reliable information. 

Background of digital certificate
Art and collectibles asset management platform
Art and collectibles asset management platform on mobile
archiv vr partnership

Digital Certificates

Digital Art Protection: Our Partnership with Archiv VR

Authentic Art partnered with Archiv VR to present the future of digital art. Together, we propose an immersive visit of artworks in Archiv VR’s Virtual Gallery, with copyright, attribution and transactions protected by Authentic Art’s system.

Archiv VR’s gallery offers immersive and desktop viewing of digital originals and digital twins, making it possible for artworks to travel the world in a second.

Connected platform

Privacy by Design.
Trust at its Core.

Connected privacy

Full control of your data

We set strict data sovereignty rules, ensuring that the owner of the artwork keeps control over the data. No data is ever shared without the owner's permission. 

Safe and secure

We use top tier security to ensure your data is always protected.


Let's Collaborate

Have you ask yourself why working with art & collectibles is so tedious? Seize the opportunity to simplify it and immerse yourself in the future of art management.

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