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Putting Creators First

At the heart of our mission are the creators. In collaboration with innovators, we harness the power of blockchain and smart contracts to safeguard and streamline creative works.

Archiv VR is dedicated to preserving cultural heritage. They archive exhibitions, cultural events, performances, and artistic representations. 

Archiv VR provides an immersive virtual reality experience by creating a contemplative digital archive, allowing you to revisit past exhibitions. A new reality of experience developed and created for cultural enthusiasts.

Archiv VR is allowing us to preserve these unique moments while providing the opportunity to introduce them to new audiences.
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At Authentic Art,
we're deeply committed to the world of art.

We specialize in protecting digital creations, leading the way in keeping artists' work safe and secure in the digital world.

Our innovative technology empowers artists, offering accessibility and security while preserving their artistic legacies for generations to come.

Our whole approach revolves around our artist-centered approach, and our partnership with Archiv VR, underscores our dedication to creators.

Art Protection


Future of Art with Technology

The Project

We bring a new era of art appreciation through our commitment to authenticity empowered by new technology.

Step into the future of art with Archiv VR's immersive virtual gallery. Experience the brilliance of digital originals, whether you're diving in via VR or browsing on your desktop. The digital realm broadens our horizons but it also introduces challenges.

Enter Authentic Art. Together with Archiv VR, we're revolutionizing digital art. Leveraging blockchain technology and a steadfast commitment to privacy, Authentic Art ensures that every piece showcased in the Virtual Gallery is safeguarded with a digital certificate – preserving its authenticity and the rights of its creators.

Be a part of this pioneering movement. Stand with us in championing art's integrity, empowering its creators, and sharing masterpieces with the world.

At Archiv VR, every pixel tells a story, and every story is protected.

archiv vr virtual gallery

Explore Archiv VR's Virtual Gallery

Discover 6 trailblazing artists that digitized selected works of art specifically for Archiv VR's virtual gallery. All the artworks in the collection are certified digitally and can be purchased directly from Authentic Art.

Browse the full collection on:

New to digital art?

If you're unfamiliar with NFTs or don't have a wallet yet,
No worries, we're here to help!

We'll be your guide into the world of digital art.


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